The Mighty Turkey: An American Historical Icon


Well, dear readers, American Thanksgiving is almost nigh, and that means it’s high-time that the turkey gets its due as a true American original.

Follow this link over to the History Vault, where I discuss the mighty turkey in all of its well-earned historical glory!

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  1. Have you considered not eating turkey to celebrate thanks giving? You would be saving a glorious historical icon’s life.
    What a beautiful way to say thank you for what America has done for you.
    Just think of the opportunity you have, not to kill someone. The universe and the turkey would be supremely grateful.

    • Thanks for the comment, and you make a good point. There are few more obvious evils in this world than industrial animal farming. Usually, I don’t eat turkey at Thanksgiving, and while I’m not a vegetarian, I only eat meat that comes from free-range Ontario farms. I realize that matters little if you’re a vegan, but it’s a place to start. Thanks for reading!

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