On Moderate Democrats

Joe Biden: Moderate Democrat.

From this thread on the creature known as the Moderate Democrat.

Let’s talk “Moderate” Democrats. First off, today’s “Moderate” Democrats exist because the Far-Right defines political discourse in America. When people say they want “Moderate” Democrats, what they really mean is they want politicians who aren’t Republicans. By default, these non-Republican moderates cede all political rhetoric and policy development to the Republicans.

As the Right goes further and further right every year, they define the so-called “centre.” As a result, the “centre” now means anything to the left of Ayn Rand & Hal Lindsey. The media then accepts uncritically the Right’s talking points about what is “mainstream” & what is “moderate.”

Unfortunately, modern conservatism is the most dominant political force in North America. It is also a political movement bent on redistributing all public moneys and resources from the majority of the population into the hands of the wealthiest and most powerful people on earth.

Since the Right defines the terms of political debate, they claim that any Democrat who doesn’t believe in plutocracy and white, shotgun-toting Jesus is a “communist.” Therefore, those who demand “moderate” Democrats fall right into the Right’s trap.

So what are “Moderate” Democrats?

They are politicians who refuse to tackle—let alone address—every pressing social, economic, and cultural issue that makes life harder for the majority of the population.

Those who want “Moderate” Democrats want politics without politics.

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  1. Excellent, Jarrett! So good to see thatdevilhistory back out there! I’m a big fan of your work!

    • Thanks, Dale! I’m trying to get back to posting here a bit more. You’ve been reading for a long time and I appreciate it!

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